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Robust L2 Support for Lending Integrations

The lending software is built in-house and has integrations to internal apps, external banks and underwriters, and payment gateways. As the lending business started to grow aggressively, customers started facing issues primarily at the integration points where the loan applications and payments started to run into issues for missing information and erroneous data postings and software errors. Developers are being pulled into investigating and solving customer issues. 

The business line is growing well and the integration pain is likely to stay till the systems and processes mature. A L2 support team is needed to be in place to investigate and resolve immediate customer issues, work with developers to create long term solutions and automate the fixes.

91social setup a L2 ops team of 10 people staffed with a business analyst and 2 developers. The business analyst created the runbooks to address the issues, the Ops team started investigating and fixing customer issues so business flows smoothly. The developers created scripts to automate investigation and fix issues at scale, fixing bugs and maturing the systems with data reconciliation and self-checks at various points in the business flows. The team is now stable at 30 members, handles 100K issues per month, even as the business grew 100X in the last few years.



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