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About us

Sunil and Gaurav started 91social as a people first company. They tried to create a workplace where people are acknowledged for their work and talent is nurtured in the right way. Today 91social is a strongly motivated team of people who have invested their careers and future with the company.


Build a software company, the sane way


A team that is kind to itself and its partners


Work with integrity

Meet the founders

Sunil Guttula


Sunil Guttula

Even after building a few products, running a few startups, Sunil is still a happy coder at heart. He brings Ray Ozzie’s quote "I love software, because if you can imagine something, you can build it." to life. He is a firm believer in the thinking first and coding next philosophy and is a strong advocate of blending Agile and waterfall development methodologies to achieve the fine balance between agility and predictability.

His primary expertise is in understanding customers, their businesses, and then building technology solutions to meet their targets. His experience spans developing software for large enterprise systems to mobile apps, mainframes in mid 90s to big data technologies, and to building and running product startups.

He encourages team 91social  to actively preempt problems and solve them and not to derive gratification from lines of code. This spirit drives the company forward everyday.

Shivraj Gaurav

Gaurav is 91social’s  go-to man for both sales and delivery execution. He is at an exceptional ease with forging strong relationships, building cohesive teams and bringing out the best in them. Our customers rely on him when teams hit roadblocks or when they need to plug skillset gaps.   


He started a few businesses before embarking on a journey of building software solutions together with Sunil and has been instrumental in growing 91social’s business from its budding days to a strong team of 150 people today. 


He is a pure cricket aficionado and would trade a ticket to the moon for a ticket to a test match.

Shivraj Gaurav


Team 91social


Presenting Jayakar R, who defined himself as a middle bencher in school, born and brought up in the city of Bangalore.

Ravichandra M Balegar

Meet Ravi, from the state of Karnataka, who has come a long way to become a Senior Software Engineer, making a great mentor in the company. 

C Naveen

Meet Naveen, a highly experienced Backend Support Engineer working in Cred, through an association with 91social.

Tanisha Tumat

Our Head of HR and Finance, born and bought up in Bangalore,  blends the perfect balance of sternness and compassion, both with numbers and strategies, taking take of the people’s side at 91social.

Amlan Jyoti.jpg
Amlanjyoti Saikia

Meet Amlan, with a passion for technology and a vision for growth, hailing from Assam, our most experienced Technical Architect, who has a deep penchant for traveling around, indulging in local cuisines, and exploring mountains on his beloved bike.

Pavan Kumar.jpg
Pavan Kumar

Meet Pavan, an individual distinguished by his positive attitude, strong sense of ownership for responsibilities, and a helpful disposition.

Shailesh Singh

A hard-working, determined, yet knows how to have fun with the world of coding, is Shailesh Singh who is an experienced senior software engineer whose expertise has only grown.

Abdul Qayoom Bhat

From the breathtaking valleys of Kashmir, Abdul is our resident senior software engineer who finds a fine balance in his world surrounded both by nature and the world of technology.

Rosmi George.png
Rosmi George

Rosmi, a Senior Software Engineer though silent in demeanor but loud in skill, lets her code and collaboration speak volumes.

Sneha Tyagi (1).png
Sneha Tyagi

Introducing Sneha, who has the leadership ability that when tapped upon by teams, has led them to great success, with utmost grace and support.

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