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Our Work Mantra

"I love coding, because if you can imagine something, you can build it."

- Ray Ozzie 

Started in the year 2016 by our CEO, Sunil Guttula, with a vision of providing technology consulting services for medium and large enterprises to build scalable high-performance systems. Eventually, we began to provide IT services for early and growth-stage businesses by leveraging our sound technical acumen. 

 Sunil Guttula

Chief Architect, CEO

Head of Engineering

 Shivraj Gaurav

Head of Buisness

 Shivangi Uniyal




1st Employee


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40+ Employees

10+ client engagements




60+ Employees


Most of our team at 91social are digital natives, led by an experienced leader. We come from different backgrounds and different parts of India. But what unites us is the passion for solving problems by leveraging technology.

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Working @91social


Technical Lead

Chirag M S

“The journey with 91social started way back in 2016 for me. I was the kind of guy who   always preferred start-ups for the start of my career rather than MNCs’. Luckily I met   Sunil, whom I consider one of the best leaders I have met. From starting with 3 people   in the company and growing to a 40 member company, the atmosphere is the same as   on my first day. The company has always ensured we are hands-on with the latest     technologies in the industry. It’s always been a great learning experience since I have   got a chance to deal with clients directly, hosted meetings, demos, and held various   discussions. This has helped me shape my career in a great way.
Thank you 91social.”

Join our team to help create solutions for a diverse set of problems.