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Opensource production ready software to accelerate product go-live

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Petabyte scale log mgmt system

Episilia processes logs @ 10-20MBps per core, 1TB per day per core with just 1GB RAM. Primary storage is S3 with unlimited retention time. Search servers can launch on-demand with queries returning in seconds. A high performance, low cost solution for logs in petabytes. Visit 


Pci-dss secure store

It is originally developed to host credit and debit cards in a pci-dss compliant store, and is live at leading fintech companies. It has been tested for scale and tuned for an avg response time within 15 millis. The next version can secure PII info and documents.


Pdf data extractor

Extracts data from financial and bank statements with 100% accuracy. Lightweight and deployed to process millions of documents per day. The system can be configured and extended for any type of pdf documents, deployed on premise or in cloud.

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"Episilia has been helping us in a big way to
manage 2TB of logs per day in production"

- VP Devops, FreightTiger

Client stories


Pitstop helps US based e-commerce firm fix broken transactions, minimize business exceptions and expand topline by 15%

Pitstop helped a US based e-commerce company run regular proactive checks on their business transactions before they became customer incidents. The software runs data integrity checks on various processes to identify and alert breaks while the process management service runs SOP-driven fixes (automated+manual) minimizing customer anxiety and lost business. The service gave the company’s topline a 15% boost during the holiday season while reducing incident volume by 30%.

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