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Enriching product teams with thinkers first, coders next

It takes a partner with a strong software development DNA and profound industry depth to anticipate the talent needs of a project across its lifecycle. Growing businesses with long-standing and niche talent gaps leverage our ready-to-deploy talent pools to cut down on-boarding cycles from 90 days to 2 weeks.  


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Deep  Interviews with experienced software professionals

Experienced coders and architects interview candidates for technical depth, experience authenticity and career aspirations and cherry pick the cream even before you see the first resume, saving you a ton of bandwidth

Hiring processes tailored to each business

Built on an employee-first culture with a customized compensation structure` as opposed to “cast-in-stone” rate cards. compensation and performance linked increments vary from 50-200% in the same skill band. 

Unbilled project facilitator to smoothen the hurdles

Remains outside the project and actively anticipates likely impediments to progress. Capability gaps, broken processes and human issues on either side, are preempted and addressed, improving stability and productivity.

Systematic cross-skilling, within the project

With good visibility into the talent needs of each project, we pool your future project resources right before it is needed by upskilling from within the project or similar porojects saving significant onboarding time 



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Why hire engineers with 91Social?

The hiring rigour and depth that only a software company can bring

We are a software company first and a capability augmentation company next. Our technical experts cherry-pick authentic talent after stringent, in-depth interviews. Before onboarding we also match the project objectives with candidates’ career aspirations to foster long and satisfying stints for both clients and  employees.

Talent pools ready to onboard from the word go

We maintain 20-30% dedicated reserve resources with skillsets pooled, taking various tech stacks and project lifecycles  into consideration instead of a passive commoditized bench without a firm purpose. This helps us close positions 50-70% faster than the typical  hiring agencies.

Structure and culture to assume ownership of performance metrics

91Social engineers frontend their builds and sprints without any additional management layers. They are nurtured to take ownership of the performance of their software builds such load times, response times and test coverage in their sprint cycles.


What we learnt from our client’s challenges


Case Studies

Arcesium onboards engineers on short order and increases transaction throughput by 10X while saving 80% of Snowflake spend

Arcesium adds flexibility and scale to it's software development teams and onboards a large team of 91Social engineers on short notice. The team helped them modernise their tech stack and improve application performance by up to 10X. It was so impactful that it grew 5X in 2 years.

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