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Sivani Sadhu

Introducing Sivani, a vibrant individual hailing from the lively town of Khammam located in Telangana.

Pulkit Sharma

Pulkit, a passionate individual from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, who brings a stellar combination of dedication, personal growth, and a customer-focused mindset to our team.

Nitin Puri.jpg
Nitin Puri

Meet Nitin Puri, a visionary with a wealth of expertise that elevates our projects and inspires a pursuit of excellence. 

Baba Hussain.jpg
Baba Hussain

Mastering the art of troubleshooting, Baba Hussain ensures our systems run smoother than clockwork.

sukanya das.JPG
Sukanya Das

Sukanya Das exudes a vivacious and sociable persona, consistently radiating the lively essence of Kolkata in every situation.

Shahila (1).png
Shahila Tharwat

Introducing Shahila, who from breaking engineering barriers to masterminding our marketing and sales strategies, is the force redefining our company's trajectory.

Abhishek-1 (1).png
Abhishek Jha

Introducing Abhishek, who though business savvy, is a soulful traveler, sportsperson in spirit, and forever young at heart

Nitin P.jpg
Nithin P

Nithin, embodies unwavering passion and resilience, crafting success through sporting achievements, effective communication, and a customer-centric mindset.

Rahul devGarg.jpg
Rahul Dev Garg

Pioneering the tech frontier, Rahul Dev Garg is our code maestro who transforms ideas into digital reality.

Rohit Sharma-1.jpg
Rohit Sharma

Meet Rohit Sharma, an exceptional individual known for his prompt and efficient responses, as well as his quick learning skills that enable seamless adaptation to new situations. 

dhanya v_edited.jpg
Dhanya V

With a penchant for technology, Dhanya streamlines operations like clockwork.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-12 at 12.07.00 PM.jpeg
Nipun Roy

Nipun, an individual with a deep passion for travel, business exploration, and spirituality. Nipun's journey began in a small city in Bihar and led him to the garden city, Bangalore.

Vanshika Shukla

The odd chaotic yet will-get-the-work-done attitude girl, residing in Bangalore, believes that most times one is always a stubborn decision away from changing their life for the better.

Saurabh Thakur.jpg
Saurabh Thakur

A highly receptive individual, who likes to belong, having the fun tendency to make everyone feel loved and involved.

Piravin S

Piravin has a penchant for technologies, playing cricket as it keeps him fit, challenges his physical limits, and builds team bonding skills, with also credits carrom board to helping him keep calm and focus in the game of life.

Mohan (1).png
Mohan Raj

Meet Mohan, our adrenaline soulster, who credits riding motorcycles to honing focus, discipline, and attention to detail in addition to realizing the importance of balance, safety, and risk assessment.

Sheeba Tresa

Introducing Sheeba, a standout recruiter who possesses a profound grasp of diverse technologies and the latest skill sets. 

V Vinitha-1.jpg
V Vinitha

Navigating the tech landscape with an indomitable spirit, driving inclusivity and innovation.

Nithyanandhan Thangaraj_edited.jpg
Nithyanandhan Thangaraj

Behind the scenes, Nithyanandhan weaves organizational magic, ensuring a smooth tech tapestry.

santhosh kumar gs -1.jpg
Santhosh Kumar GS

Santhosh likes to immerse himself in the world of technology, and media, where knowing becomes knowledge power, and loves a good game to watch or play cricket.

Shrikantha Budya.jpg
Shrikantha Budya

Meet Shrikantha Budya, hailing from Udupi, Karnataka. His interests encompass fitness through working out, the thrill of traveling, and the virtual world of video games.

Richa Jha

Meet Richa Rani, from Punjab, whose passions lie in the realms of travel and music appreciation.

Jitesh Khatri.jpg
Jitesh Khatri

A serial binge-watcher, Jitesh Khatri believes in the power of the divine plan, embracing challenges with unwavering determination and steadfast faith.

Bornali Boiragi

Introducing Bornali, hailing from Assam, whose interests span from the excitement of traveling to the tranquility of practicing yoga.

nikhil mulinti.jpeg
Mulinti Nikhil

Nikhil’s eagerness to expand knowledge and skills has undoubtedly contributed to our collective growth and success.

manoj kumar.jpg
Manoj Kumar G

Unleashing digital possibilities, with one code at a time, introducing Manoj Kumar.

Akanksha Mittal.jpg
Akanksha Mittal

Meet Akansha, a valuable team player ever-ready to share her expertise and contribute effectively.

Shaloo Tulsyan

Finding pleasure in reading books and traveling,  Shaloo enjoys the extreme sides of two worlds the one full of technology, and the other of solace.

ravi joshi.png
Ravi Joshi

From concepts to creations, Ravi Joshi is the one making it happen.

Lakshmipathi Bhimavaram

Meet Lakshmipathi, a seasoned engineering veteran whose extensive experience is only matched by their exceptional talent for the field, having a knack for cooking too.

Santhosh Mallapa.png
Santhosh Mallapa

Santhosh Mallapa, who exemplifies dedication, hard work, and true passion through his unwavering commitment to excellence.

sethubhargav reddy.jpg
Sethubhargav Reddy

With Sethubhargav on board, every challenge is just another task to innovate.

Daanvir Karan Singh.jpg
Daanvir Karan Singh

Meet Daanvir, an individual known for his disciplined demeanor and methodological approach. With a penchant for quick responses and proactive actions, Daanvir's hobbies extend to video games, anime, and the art of restful sleeping.

Chetan Gowda

Meet our coding maestro, Chethan, who turns lines of text into tech symphonies.

Qutub Zishaan

Introducing Qutub Zishaan, a native of Nagpur, Maharashtra. His interests encompass the sportsmanship of playing cricket, the artistic expression of singing Gazal, and the adventure of embarking on road trips.

Kiran S.jpg
Kiran S

Meet Kiran S, a Bangalore resident with a penchant for playing cricket and badminton, embracing an active and sports-driven lifestyle.

Aravind Kashappa.jpg
Aravind Kashappa

Aravind, hailing from Karnataka, is a dedicated lifelong learner with a sharp eye for detail, epitomizing an unwavering dedication to continuous advancement.

Grandhi Bhargavi.jpg
Grandhi Bhargavi

Grandhi Bhargavi, a dedicated professional with a knack for rapid learning and keen attention to detail. As an effective team player committed to her work, her hobby of pencil sketching reflects her creative side.

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