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One-Stop Customer information gateway

As a prospect becomes a customer on the app, the impressions and interactions of the customer are captured in various external services and internal systems including marketing, customer analytics, lending, credit card payment, support desk etc. When information is in different silos, it is hard to provide the customer with an engaging and wholesome experience; and at the same time, it is hard for everyone in the company to get a complete understanding of the customer without jumping through multiple apps and data silos. 

Integrate information spread across all the silos and provide it through a central service so the customer app and internal apps always access information through this central gateway. 

A customer gateway service and app is created to consolidate information from all services and present them together. The gateway and app had access controls and caching built into it so information is available fast to all the apps and clients needed to process this information. Aggregations and Exceptions are built on top of the information to present at an aggregated level and also address the exceptions that occur as part of the customer’s interactions. The app is used by everyone at the firm, from the CXOs to the Support team members. It created a single view of the truth about every customer.



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