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Fintech firm, a game-changing credit card payments and rewards platform caters to about 10M users.

  • Rewards based on credit card payment

  • Provides short-term credit line

  • House rent payments

An optimized fintech stack for more than 10M users with their credit card data requires regulatory compliance, data engineering capabilities, robust backend operations, and swift customer support.

91social helped fintech firm build a PCI-DSS store that holds the sensitive credit card data of millions of users

91social helped fintech firm build a PCI-DSS store that holds the masked sensitive credit card data for its users. The server component of the PCI-DSS store uses an AES algorithm and an AES key length of 256 bits to encrypt the plaintext card numbers plus AWS Key Management Service giving you centralized control over your cryptographic keys database. Subsequently, the generated data keys are stored in the locker component of the store. Whenever a fintech firm user makes a transaction call, a one-time dynamic credential in the form of a temporary token is generated synchronously consisting of the last 4 digits of the card to get access to the card details required at the payment gateway. After, completing the transaction, the token times out further preventing any identity theft

Making sense of users’ financial documents through Data Sahi

DataSahi, a pdf parsing solution, helps them scan millions of PDF documents each day and extract useful information that helps customers with payment reminders and bank offers.

Datasahi aims to make it convenient for fintech firm to extract various types of data like text, data fields, tables, and more and reduce the hindrances that financial and compliance-related companies go through in extracting data from large volumes of pdfs.

Integrated with fintech firm's application, DataSahi sets up the extraction without the requirement of complex commands, just adhering to the rules for each specific document type.

DataSahi has three components of its own -

  • The page resolution module of DataSahi gathers the input for parsing.

  • The extraction module does the extraction part applying the filtration

  • Finally extracted data from the pdf is converted into JSON format by the transformation module.

91social’s business support service resolves 100,000 tickets every month.

Fintech firm cash is fintech firm's flexible credit line. The whole customer journey for each fintech firm cash user can be divided into two cycles –

Drawdown cycle: availing loan to users.

Repayment cycle: users paying EMIs.

Felicitating these two cycles requires reconciliation with the bank. A business ops team from 91social helps fintech firm with their customers’ lending journey involving the drawdown cycle, repayment cycle, and reconciliation process. We respond to daily production issues found in the Jira dashboard of fintech firm’s lending project, resolve customer complaints raised to the customer support team, create SOPs to proactively prevent occurrences in the future, and finally update the status of issues to fintech firm’s product operations team.

A Process workbench for world-class design management throughout the whole customer cycle

91social also created a process workbench known as the heartbeat for customer journey mapping, which now forms a central pivot to all product feature designs driven directly by marketing with minimum technology team involvement. The workbench drives a best-in-class design management process besides improving visibility across the organization.

The results

These changes brought major performance and cost advantages at the same time

  • Millions of users’ financial statements are parsed every month.

  • 100k+ tickets get resolved every month.

  • Securing sensitive card data for 10 million + users.

  • Swift updation in fintech firm’s product line .

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