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Rolle Pass
PCI-DSS credit card store

ERP for a SHOPIFY storefront

High volume log mgmt system in C++ 

Chatbot Creator

High throughput Snowflake d/w

High performance data pipelines

An no-code workflow engine

Quick commerce solution 

PnL engine with 1M rps throughput

A lending mgmt system

Scaling an ecom store for holiday rush

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the services

a consultative and commonsense approach to craft the best solutions for your business
Launcherd commerce in 4 Month DELIVERY Creative-02.png
Launcherd commerce in 4 Month DELIVERY Creative-02.png
Launcherd commerce in 4 Month DELIVERY Creative-02.png
Tech Consulting 

We provide simple and actionable advice for production systems. We review for robust architecture, design principles, performance and scale, security, cloud utilization and cost optimization.

A newly developed PnL system for equities is not able to perform for the smallest of portfolios. Read our solution to this problem.

Product Dev 

We build mobile apps, online stores, data engineering, devops and a wide variety of business systems. The products are built with good design principles, to scale with business, and optimized for production cost. We don't do AI/ML, Blockchain, Crypto though.

A ServiceNow competitor with an ITSM product. We are building them a nocode workflow editor, runtime engine and a data warehouse. 

Launcherd commerce in 4 Month DELIVERY Creative-01.png
Engineers On-Demand-2 (1).png
Engineers on Demand 

Our engineers on demand cover a wide selection of tech and product skills, for short and long term projects. While engineers work on your team, our facilitators provide constant support to deliver quality work on time. 

A wall street IB firm chose 91social's engineers for their skills, transparent pricing and project facilitators in 2018; and still with us after 5 years.

Performance Engineering 

Whether to build a new system with low latencies or tune an existing system for high throughput, we do it all. We cover the full stack - web servers, middleware, apps, APIs, data processing, databases, data storage, network usage and multi AZ deployments.

Equities PnL calculation time reduced from 2 hours to 5 mins with sustained throughput at 1M rps (records per second) on a 1GB 2 core JVM. 

Engineers On-Demand-2 (1).png
Engineers On-Demand-2 (1).png
Engineers On-Demand-2 (1).png
Product Ops 

Product ops team ensures systems are running well, proactively identifies and fixes issues before they become customer support incidents. Whether it is a customer missing order tracking email or incorrect prices in the online store. 

A cross border US fashion e-com company breezed through a 3X holiday season with all orders fulfilled, tracked and delivered on time.


A reliable partner to the best engineering teams

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the solutions

in-house tools and frameworks to launch your product faster 
pdf data extractor.png
pdf data extractor.png
pdf data extractor.png
pci-dss secure store.png
pci-dss secure store.png
BI dashboards & reports.png
pdf data extractor.png


pdf data extractor

Extracts data with 100% accuracy and consistency from financial pdf statements; fintech unicorns process millions of documents every month. 91social offers a fully managed data extraction service that can be operational in 2 weeks. 



C++ log mgmt system

When logs are in terabytes, episilia is the perfect solution. It processes logs @ 1TB per day with 1CPU + 1GB RAM. Stores everything in S3, stateless and scales out. For logs under 1TB per month, ELK/Loki etc are good options

pci-dss secure store.png


pci-dss secure store 

An in-house pci-dss compliant can store unlimited cards and gives you freedom to build interesting solutions at low cost. Building a pci-dss store is complex and costly. You can buy our s/w along with source code for a one time fee. 

performance toolkit.png


performance toolkit

Finding and fixing performance bottlenecks is tough work. You need the right data for the right traffic and know how to analyze it and fix the underlying issue. Roadrunnr makes us faster and smarter in fixing performance bottlenecks.  


To know more about solutions from 91social


product ops console

Pitstop assists the product ops team to perform daily checks, identify issues and resolve them using pre-built and automated runbooks. 

performance toolkit.png
performance toolkit.png

the clients

startups and enterprises
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IT spends reduced


Revenue Saved


Tickets Resolved

"Focus on fulfilling business objectives rather than just shipping deliverables"

"A friend referred 91social for my start-up's app development and I was impressed by their structured thinking at the outset. The young and energetic team led by the experience of Sunil is the right combination. Although they are growing rapidly they don't have the lethargy of a big team and focus on fulfilling business objectives rather than just shipping deliverables."


Deepak Gandotra

Founder OPDlift

the client stories

Lending Money-01 (1).png

An investment bank integrates lending partners to expand merchant loans on its platform to small and medium business owners nationwide. Know how 91social help them achieved it. 

Size Reduced Cart Creative-02.png

A US ecommerce firm rides the holiday season with 3X more orders this year  keeping it's online store fast with zero downtime and not dropping a single order.


Ecommerce firm took 5 months to launch it's quick commerce business. From the first meeting with 91social to delivering orders to actual customers, in 5 months.

arcesium-caset-study-2 copy.jpg

An investment bank increases Snowflake  throughput by 10X and monthly costs to 1/4th making it a long term viable solution in their hedge fund product platform.










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