Our technical capabilities range from web and mobile application development to back-end development solutions and data integrations. All the customized solutions we've built for our clients are developed, keeping the users' priorities in mind.


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The Journey of 91social

In the last few years, we've come a long way from providing technology consulting services to engineering customized products for our clients. We specialize in providing tailor-made IT services and IT staffing solutions to help you translate your vision into reality. Here's a glimpse of our Journey.

Chatbots in Business

How happy are your customers with the support that your business provides? And what about your customer support team - how engaged are they? Integrating a chatbot in your product could seem daunting, but it definitely improves your NPS and employee productivity.The video helps you understand how 91social helped a growth-stage fintech startup solve a similar issue by developing a custom chatbot for their needs.


How often have you waited in queues to get a consulting session with a doctor? Sure, you could schedule an appointment and visit the doctor. But you'd still have to honor the walk-in appointments, or there could be some chaos at the outpatient department, which may lead to a delay. How do we bring some predictability to this problem and improve the experience for various stakeholders like patients, medical staff, and doctors? We've helped OPDlift, a health-tech startup, solve this problem by building a mobile app.

What is an Automated Document Parsing Engine?

Analyzing the vast data generated by businesses becomes tedious, and even more so if the data is unstructured. We've developed a custom data parsing engine to automate specific/targeted data extraction from PDFs and parse them into structured data. The tool we've built is designed for scale, parsing about 1.5 Million PDFs a day.