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Sivani Sadhu

BI Developer


Introducing Sivani, a vibrant individual hailing from the lively town of Khammam located in Telangana. Initially pursuing a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, her curiosity eventually led her to the ever-changing world of software. Intrigued by data analytics, Sivani delved into the field and became a skilled Looker developer, paving the way for her success.

With a resolute spirit and insatiable curiosity, Sivani embarked on her data analytics journey during maternity leave - an ode to her unyielding determination. Her readiness to tackle challenges head-on mirrors her unwavering commitment to constant growth, both personally and professionally.

But there's more to Sivani than meets the eye - her zest for life extends to dancing, singing, and crafting. Cherishing time with her family and fueling her independence while contributing to her family's well-being are the brightest stars in her galaxy.

Sivani believes that her journey has been and is meaningful in so many ways and her story weaves a remarkable narrative of adaptability, ceaseless learning, and the relentless pursuit of personal and professional fulfillment.

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