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L2 customer support

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The support your customers need when they run into unforeseen issues. The support work you don't want your developers to do. 

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Happy customers.png
Happy customers.png
Happy customers

Customers desire immediate support when faced with issues in your systems. Product ops team investigates and fixes the issues so your customers can continue doing business with you, and also ensures issues are handled before they affect customers.   

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Complete visibility & control

Pitstop is the product support software from 91social. The support dashboard provides comprehensive visibility and control into all issues and exceptions in the business. It also provides proactive checks to discover issues and rectify them beforehand.

Complete visibility & control.png
Complete visibility & control.png
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ecommerce and lending ops.png
ecommerce and lending ops.png
ecommerce and lending ops

91social has deep expertise in product ops for ecommerce and lending business, with pre-defined runbooks and checks to setup within a few days. The checks and runbooks include all stages of the customer journey including partner integrations. 

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Automated and Affordable

The service combines experienced ops team with automated software to configure runbooks and checks, making it fast and affordable to get started. It will relieve your developers from support work and provide a much better customer experience.

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Automated and Affordable.png
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Automated and Affordable.png

the customer experience


customer support tickets per month


increase in order fulfillment


increase in


decrease in customer issues

product ops, the automated way

Business Analysts, Developers, Ops Team, Pitstop Software  The right combination for an awesome customer experience.

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1. Configure Checks and Runbooks

The business analysts configure the proactive daily checks and runbooks in Pitstop. This guarantees a consistent way to handle issues  issues when they happen and avoid mistakes in production.

2. Handle All Issues

Ops team handles all issues identified via checks or reported by customers. The guided runbooks ensures fixes are applied in a consistent manner with least manual effort. All fixes are recorded and audited for later analysis. The proactive checks are expanded to catch all issues before they are reported by the customer. 

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3. Automate and Eliminate

Ops team works with developers of 91social and client teams to automate the fixes and eliminate issues through bug fixes and system enhancements. They also create self-service options to customers to bring down the support scenarios.

91social created Pitstop to offer an automated and affordable Product Ops service.

Client Stories

Pitstop helps US based e-commerce firm fix broken transactions, minimise business exceptions and expand topline by 15% 

Pitstop product support, helped US based e-commerce run regular proactive checks on their business transactions before they became customer incidents.

The software runs data integrity checks on various processes to identify and alert breaks while the process management service runs SOP-driven fixes (automated+manual) minimising customer anxiety and lost business. The service gave the company’s topline a 15% boost during the holiday season while reducing incident volume by 30%

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