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Building an online store, a data warehouse or a workflow engine, we only take up work we are good at. We are comfortable to say NO to clients that are not our area of expertise. And to clients we are fortunate to work with, we guarantee the product is designed well, scales well and goes live on time.

Web and Mobile Apps.png
Web and Mobile Apps

We build saas, consumer and enterprise apps, for web and mobile; shopping carts, admin consoles to complex low code workflow editors. Tech stack is react, react-native, flutter, kotlin, swift including offline data, sse, ssr, page speed, monitoring and user analytics.    

Online Stores.png
Online Stores

Tailor made ecom experiences from shopping to delivery; storefront, product, inventory & order mgmt, integrating with shipping providers and a control panel to ensure smooth flow of orders. We also create solutions for shopify, bigcommerce, unicommerce and marketplaces.   

Business Systems.png
Business Systems

Systems executing business transactions such as ERP products, workflow engines, rule systems and integrating 3rd party products and saas services. We always advise our clients to have a central business cockpit system to provide visibility and control on their entire business.


Solutions for fintech companies need to be secure and robust to provide a smooth customer experience. We built solutions for credit card statement processing, payment gateways, lending systems, a pci-dss credit card store, and a reconciliation system for payment transactions. 

Data Engineering.png
Data Engineering

We build data pipelines to extract, cleanse and enrich data so it is ready for analytics and AI/ML models. We built solutions for on-prem & cloud data warehouses and datalakes, optimized for maximum throughput and minimum cost.

Cloud Solutions.png
Cloud Solutions

We cover the big ones AWS, Azure, GCP as well as the exciting ones DigitalOcean, Rackspace etc. We put the right mix of cloud services of containers, block storage, serverless, app services to ensure a secure, scalable and cost effective solution.


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product dev, the 91social way


This quote sums up our approach to software development and everything else we do. We spend quality time to design the solution and execution plan to build the product with speed and clarity.

1. Coding = Thinking + Typing
Coding = Thinking + Typing.png

We believe coding is 80% thinking and 20% typing, so we prepare UX wireframes, detailed design and program specs, data model and api specs, functional and performance test plans, production deployment and monitoring plans and then start coding in agile sprints of 2 weeks. We deploy the first version in 10-14 weeks and subsequent deployments every 2 weeks there after. Fast iterations of incremental features gets market feedback faster and to course correct.

2. Engineers own the product

There are no project managers at 91social; clients are talking to engineers from Day 1. We believe engineers should own and drive the product development without any filter of project managers. A senior engineer leads the tech discussions and guides the entire team on the product build.  

Engineers own the product.png
3. Project facilitators facilitate
Project facilitators facilitate.png

While there are no project managers, we have project facilitators. They facilitate developers to deliver the product on time and to the spec. Developers need help to co-ordinate meetings with clients, communicate status, prioritize tasks, run daily standups, notify blockers, plan vacations and ensure discussions are recorded and action items followed up. Facilitators help with all these and ensure developers get all the help they need at the right time.

The 91social way is designed with industry best practices and our own experience of building software for 25 years. Talk to us about building your next awesome product.

Client Stories

What started with 2 java devs 5 years ago is now 30 devs and going strong

Learn how fintech company built a PCI-DSS compliant store and created a process workbench pivoting best-in-class design management process besides improving visibility across the organization with minimum technology team involvement.

Finding a Zuora administrator in 4 hours 

Payment gateway company builds scalable and modular regulation-compliant mandate management and payment reconciliation systems that can support a transaction volume of INR 500Mn/day. They can also onboard a banking partner onto their platform with a few clicks

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