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Quince is a San Francisco-based e-commerce company that makes high-quality fashion affordable.

Updated: Feb 17

  • High-quality apparel at affordable pricing.

  • Sustainable supply chain management during fast fashion times.

Custom storefront on the top of Shopify

In the surge in demand during the holiday season, Quince started facing discrepancies between designs and views prompting them to quickly redesign their storefront in a pixel-perfect manner tallying with the company’s brand vision.

Application tuning

91 Social helped Quince with digging deeper into the baseline performance for the former version of the One quince application and identifying the bottlenecks in the workflow. The team then worked on optimizing the resource allocation and tuning the order management backend to improve customer response times.

Process Workbench to drive process discipline

An all-in-one tool integrated with Quince’s Shopify storefront for all the stakeholders to view real-time information on their inventory, supply chain, logistics, and operations, all on configurable dashboards, further increasing the application responsiveness 10X. The process workbench aims to streamline the alert for order tracking and mishaps all on the same page easing the operations for the non-technical business ops team and vendors working on Quince’s order listings. Whenever a user logs in to Quince’s Shopify store and makes an order query, the process workbench tool automates the listing of order details on the tool’s dashboard. All the stakeholders can track the whole order cycle right from initiation to fulfillment, ensuring a prompt and frictionless experience for customers.

Quince outsources 91 Social engineering pools for enlarging their network of global apparel logistics

Gratified outsourcing of market-ready engineers for recruitment needs of their global network of affordable fashion logistics, prompted their application system for the winter holiday season surge by bugs fixation in the system production, integration of the new features in product architecture, and certifying the system to modulate it for their outspread stakeholders’ network worldwide and growing system load.

Roadrunnr Pitshop helps Quince reduce lost business and expand the topline by 15%

The Roadrunnr solution is preemptively involved in dealing with technical issues in the form of any stakeholder’s query throughout Quince’s supply chain. Right from deploying vendors on the Quince platform to tracking real-time visibility of orders and customers raising complaints, 91 Social fills in the business and technical support role for Quince. Assessment of issues on the Confluence dashboard right after their occurrences and resolving those in accordance makes 91 Social, a positive contributor to Quince’s global network of Affordable and sustainable fashion logistics.

The results

These changes brought major performance and cost advantages at the same time

  • Tuned order management backend to improve response times from 20 seconds down to 2 seconds.

  • Customized application configuration is on the move to anticipatorily handle operation logistics and user experience for the projected revenue of 100-150 million dollars for FY 2023-24.

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