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Designing software products
with a growth focus

Busiensses often end up building software that cannot add new features, customers or partners to the product forcing them wipe the board clean and restart. Future ready products need a design and architecture that can scale well and support the growth aspirations of the busienss. This is often easier said than done and not everyone’s cup of tea. This is exactly what we specialise in.


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Prototyping and MVP development 

Pump life into your idea with rapid prototyping and MVP development. We will help you streamline and prioritize key features and get your idea off the ground for customer adoption.

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Architecture design and ownership. 

Assuming complete ownership of the product and its performance metrics, we deliver feature-rich and engaging user experiences, backed by a modular and scalable architecture for future growth needs.

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Evolution and Growth management

Evolve your existing products to take on new customers and features and deliver new digital experiences. We help you scale your existing products to take up multi-fold growth without having to develop a new codebase and hefty investments.

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Product Migration

We help you seamlessly migrate your solutions across platforms while maintaining their current features 




compliance to performance metrics


10 X

Growth ready from day one



Projects Experience





Why custom software development with 91Social?

A human-centric approach to software development

We imbibe this culture of customer centricity across our development teams to bring in the modularity in our designs and builds that accommodate fast-paced user-driven changes to product releases.

Blend of Waterfall and Agile  for the best of both worlds

We plan our builds thoroughly during the design stage for the first 2-3 weeks before moving into Agile sprints to balance predictability and agility. This approach avoids frequent rework and yet remains adaptive to evolving requirements.

Verticalised teams with deep industry expertise

High-impact vertical experts work with our development teams to cross-pollinate industry knowledge assets, best practices, and customer experience across clients and projects. This team also helps our clients tackle fuzzy and complex technology challenges specific to the industry.


What we learnt from our client’s challenges


Case Studies

A PCI-DSS-compliant credit card store helps CRED unlock new possibilities in lending.

Learn how CRED built a PCI-DSS compliant store and created a process workbench pivoting best-in-class design management process besides improving visibility across the organization with minimum technology team involvement.

Developing CASHFREE’s scalable and modular lending platform. 

Cashfree builds scalable and modular regulation-compliant mandate management and payment reconciliation systems that can support a transaction volume of INR 500Mn/day. They can also onboard a banking partner onto their platform with a few clicks

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